The next stage of Internet

24 de enero, 2011

Another featured activity in the first day’s programme was the digital encounter: «Where is the web taking us and where are we taking the web? The Role of Citizens in the next stage of the Internet». With communication personality Paco Lobatón acting as presenter and moderator,  this encounter became an outstanding forum for the debate on the future of the role of social networks as a dynamic force on modern society.

The main speakers were  Fernando Suárez, e-Business Director at Indra, Carlos Barrabés, President of Barrabés Biz and Ícaro Moyano, Communications Director at Tuenti. All three conducted a review of the current situation and the internet’s routes to expansion with concepts such as “internet of things” and “e-government”. Along with specialised training these ideas will set the future scene for the web.

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