Seville, the telecentres and innovation capital

24 de enero, 2011

Today sees the start of the 1st International Congress for Telecentres and the Annual Gathering of Guadalinfo Operators, jointly organised by Red.es and the National Association of Telecentre Communities through the Fernando de los Ríos Consortium (a public organisation running the Guadalinfo Network, which is a project of the Junta de Andalucía and the region’s eight provincial councils).


The forum aims to be a space for collaboration and the interchange of experiences where members of telecentres worldwide, and especially the European and Latin American network, can find connection points to strengthen their networks and co-operate with Andalusia’s Guadalinfo network. The forum’s main objective is to promote telecentres as a fundamental resource in local transformation and as spaces that can generate jobs, citizen innovation, technological participation and paradigm shifts proposed by the European Digital Agenda.

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